Alarm of Pool PoolGuard PGRM-2

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Once installed in the pool, cannot be de-activated, when removed from the pool will sound an alarm. Comes with an in-house remote receiver that has a range up to 200 ft., and comes with a 12 volt power supply. Poolguard Alarms can be used in pools up to 20 x 40 feet or 800 square feet

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3 reviews for Alarm of Pool PoolGuard PGRM-2

  1. Emily

    Emily Williams


    If you have a pool; you must purchase this item. Pros: peace of mind, loud alarm, works exactly as it should, price was competitive with similar items, easy to use but not easy enough for a child who is not of swimming age to figure out, does not require being screwed into concrete, is not an eye sore, alarm sounds inside and outside your home Cons: none! I did a lot of research and am so happy we ended up with this product. I have 2 children aged 2 and 1 and although pool alarms are not required where I live; it was a must for my household. We watch our kids like a hawk and also have a gate around the pool and sliding door locks (another must have), this item is that extra piece of security you need-especially if you live in a neighborhood with other children. Some reviewers reported false alarms and I was concerned about this. No one with toddlers wants a false alarm in the middle of the night. I am thrilled to say that we have had pounding rain and even small critters (mouse/frog) with no false alarms. I questioned if it was working at all but every time we test it, it works as it should. As with any alarm, I would recommend testing this from time to time.

  2. James

    James Johnson

    If not for this unit we would have woke up to a sad discovery. It works great.

    The second week using this and a neighbor’s dog found its way into my pool and could not figure out how to get out. If not for this unit we would have woke up to a sad discovery. It works great. Takes a little getting use to on how to shut it off.

  3. Sarah

    Sarah Jones

    Easy to use, works great for us

    We’ve had this alarm for about a month and have found it very easy to use with no false alarms. I’ve testing twice and it works great. The first test was the first night we had it and I simply “stomped” the water with my foot on the far side of the pool and within 10-15 seconds when the ripple reach the alarm, it activated. The 2nd “test” was accidental when a large windstorm blew a pool umbrella into the pool and bam, it activated. In both tests, the alarm activated properly inside the house and at the pool. Conversely, we’ve never had a false alarm including during several large and windy thunderstorms. We’ve used the alarm both with and without the solar cover on. It works great either way. Real peace of mind. 2 notes for owners on this: 1. Unless your pool deck surface is very uneven, the unit will sit nicely on the side of the pool without needing to drill a hole in the pool deck for the small metal brace. Unless your pool deck surface is really uneven, I wouldn’t bother adding a hole, the little metal brace unscrews easily. 2. It can be hard to sit the alarm into the pool or remove it without it going off and as other reviewers have noted, the instructions aren’t clear. The way to get it in and out is to press the button on the back to reset it, this deactivates it for about 5 seconds which should be time to slide it in or out. If it goes off while doing this, just hold the rest again and it will shut off in a 2nd or two. By the way, if you are wondering how big this thing is since their description is so lacking in details, it’s about a 4 inch by 5 inch retangular tube. The end that sits in the pool is about 11 inches long and the top is about 10 inches. The bottom of the tube in the water should be 2.5-5.5 inches in the water according to their directions with 4 inches being optimal.

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