Filter Dual Quad-Cluster HCF7030C Hayward


700sq ft. of filter area providing heavy-duty, dirt-holding capacity & extra-long filter cycles. Reduce operation costs & enhance the eco-friendliness of any pool by saving thousands of gallons of carefully-balanced, heated pool water per month.

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  1. James

    James Smith

    Efficient but 8 cartridges to clean!

    My wife & I own a 10,000 gallon play pool (inground) that is kept quite clean with the Hayward combination of Ecostar variable speed pump (SP3400VSP), Hayward Vac XL, Hayward T-15 salt cell unit & Hayward cartridge filter HCF7030C. The filter is cleaned by us twice per year and it seems to do just fine over a 3 year period (4 swim seasons) thus far. Our only true complaint is having to clean 8 cartridges which typically takes around 3-3 1/2 hours using just a high spray garden hose. To really get the cartridges clean it seems to take a lot of spraying to get the job done prior to being satisfied & then beginning the re-installation process. Taking the unit apart & reassembly is really not a big deal but a few basic tools are necessary…..such as a crescent wrench & a socket wrench & socket to unfasten & refasten the large metal band that holds the 2 halves (top & bottom) together. My primary purpose of this REVIEW is to point out to potential customers that you need to be prepared to apply a certain amount of time, effort & elbow grease when it comes time to clean this particular unit. Frankly, I personally believe that it is overkill for our 10,000 gallon pool but it’s what came with the installation at the time of purchase & we were told it was a great way to go v.s. DE or certainly v.s. a sand filter. By the way, no matter WHAT filter you select, they ALL have their PROS & CONS and they ALL require maintenance to be performed periodically. If you’re not willing (or possibly not able) to do the necessary labor then it would be advisable to plan on hiring a pool service to take care of your pool’s needs. We would otherwise give this filter a 5-STAR rating if it wasn’t for the 8 cartridges that are time consuming to clean albeit only twice per year! Enjoy & I hope this article helps others trying to decide which filter to purchase. Also, the claim is that this filter is the BEST CLEANER overall, then DE & lastly the SAND filter. As I said previously, however……..they ALL require periodic maintenance so be prepared to DYI or hire a pool service!

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