Filter J-CQ420 Jacuzzi®

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Professional-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter that’s designed to combine the highest water clarity with all the easy-maintenance features of a cartridge filter. It also removed body oils, suntan lotions, pollens & dust ensuring you with a pool that stays clean and healthy.

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3 reviews for Filter J-CQ420 Jacuzzi®

  1. Lauren

    Lauren White

    I vote YES for my cartridge filter

    Last weekend I cleaned my filter cartridges for the first time since my install 6 months ago. 3/4 wrench-check! Garden hose-check! Done-check!

  2. Taylor

    Taylor Davis

    Amazing System!

    Before starting my filter system my pool was green was ready to support microscopic life. I installed the Jacuzzi filters turn them on 30 hours later crystal clear with a pressure of about 15 pounds. This is a amazing system cannot believe the results no more back flushing, filter grids with torn liners…..just crystal clear aqua ! I truly had a lot of material in my water … My kid said they seen a duck that landed in my pool. Wow after removing that much material and to seeing the system operating at a 15 pound delta pressure after 36 hours is unreal… amazing system. The only thing that freaked me out was the pressure gauge the larger numbers in black was reading 100 Kpa and the smaller numbers in red were in 15psi.

  3. Andrew

    Andrew Jackson

    Less pool guy, more playtime

    Having cartridges in my new jacuzzi filter has eliminated the guesswork of “How much DE should I add after backwashing?”. No DE & no backwashing. The easy to remove lid makes cleaning the cartridges a simple twice a year task. The choice to replace my old DE filter along with my variable speed pump and salt chlorinator is going to shorten my weekend chores list dramatically. More time to float!

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