Gas Heater Master Temp 400,000 BTU Pentair

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Keep the temperature of your pool & spa water under your control. This durable heater features a cupro-nickel heat exchanger that stands up against the harshest applications (low pH, high flow, heavy use). Uses an easy to read digital display. Certified for Low NOx emissions.

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3 reviews for Gas Heater Master Temp 400,000 BTU Pentair

  1. Austin

    Austin Hall

    10 year old heater

    I have had this heater for almost 11 years and have never had anything wrong until this past winter, E05 error. I think the key for me is we turn it on every month. I know a lot of people rarely turn theirs on.

  2. Sussan

    Sussan Lawton

    Pentair Master Temp Pool and Spa Heater

    This type unit was installed with my pool about seven years ago. I have had nothing but problems with this unit. It gave the same error as it did year after year. My unit has had two mother boards, numerous flume valves, etc. The longest this unit had gone without issues was four months. I could have purchased at least two heaters for what I have put in repairs. I have had it with this piece of junk and definately will be going with another manufacturer.

  3. Lauren

    Lauren White

    Unsafe unit and horrible warranty

    (1/5) The unit has been installed for 8 months now and I have functionally had to deactivate it by turning off the gas and power. There have been numerous occasions where I have walked out in the morning to find my pool heated to a high temperature. This is not due to a user or programmed timer turning on the unit as there is none. To make sure nothing was hitting the buttons, I have even taped down the plastic cover lid to ensure nothing was opening it and turning it on. This unit turns on by itself at random times and heats the pool to various temperatures sometime as high as 126 degrees if I am to believe the display!!! I have requested warranty services with the manufacturer but was refused since I am the second owner. So not only is this a hazard, they refuse to resolve it. Not a recommended product nor company.

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