Insect Trap DT2000XLP Sonata Series


This Insect Trap attracts and kills mosquitoes and other flying insects across 1 Acre. Durable, all-weather construction. Pesticide and odor free. Whisper quiet operation. No zapping or buzzing. No expensive attractant or propane required. Easy to set up

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  1. Taylor

    Taylor Davis

    Works great – but some things you should know.

    This works very well. I bought this to try to get some relief from the constand deluge of hungry mouths every June-August. It totally works. A few things you should know though: 1. This needs to run sort of constantly for a week or so to really clean the area out of everything. During that time you really can’t turn it off without releasing all the caught insects from the trap below. The flow of air from the fan is the only thing keeping them from escaping – the spring loaded doors do not work – at least not completely – to keep the insects in. The insects are essentially killed by dehydration – which is cruel… but after a decade of being eaten alive, I’m open to a little cruelty to get some of my yard back. If you DO want to turn the unit off, you can fill a water sprayer with water and spray the lower cage with water to immobilize everything inside giving them wet wings. Then you can pop the trap off and crush the inhabitants… this might also be more humane that allowing them to die slowly anyhow. But if you do turn it off with live insects inside, they WILL fly away – at least the small ones, which are generally the ones you actually wanted to catch. 2. This WILL catch all sorts of moths, little ones, medium ones, big beautiful luna moths… If you have a problem with that, this unit will be an issue for you. At night, the moths are attracted to the UV light like moths to… a UV light. They’ll fly in and you’ll dehydrate them to death in droves. The best solution that I’ve been able to come up with to get around this is to put some wire lath around the top to prevent entry to larger moths. I did this and it kept the big ones from being sucked in, but the small ones still of the way of the mosquitoes. Aside from those two notes, I highly recommend this device if you want to clear out a large area of biting insects. I hate junk products – this is NOT a junk product.

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