Pet Swimwear Dog Life Jacket with Style

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Is It A Shark!?… What About A Cute Fish?… Or Maybe A Pretty Mermaid? Dog Life Jacket Vest  with Reflective Stripes/Adjustable Belt for All Size Dogs.

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3 reviews for Pet Swimwear Dog Life Jacket with Style

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Jackson

    Great life jacket, beware of size issues.

    Great life jacket, but beware of the sizes! Ordered two life jackets, one for each dog in sizes Large and Extra-Large. Both of our dogs fit within the guidelines for the sizes. The extra-large live jacket was for a 90lb. chocolate lab, and large for a 50lb. black lab. Once er received the life jackets the extra large was not big enough to fit around the chest of our chocolate lab despite her fitting into the measurement requirement for that size. It did however fit our black lab perfectly. The large life jacket originally ordered for our black lab was too small for her and seemed more the appropriate size for a beagle, or other medium sized dog. Again, great life jacket, happy with quality, but beware of sizes.

  2. Olivia

    Olivia Anderson

    Worked as Advertised.

    LOVED this little vest. I purchased this for our puppy who was going kayaking with us and hadn’t been swimming yet. Super easy to put on and fit her perfectly. The bottom is velcro so be cautious with what you are wearing it kept snagging my swim suit. She took to the water like a pro and looked like a professional swimmer or so I thought. I took the vest off and she was a complete mess in the water. The vest works, it kept her (20lbs) up and floating. So thankful I found this and didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg as she is now pushing 30lbs and no longer fits in the vest.

  3. Taylor

    Taylor Davis

    Perfect replacement of previous Leslie’s (Hayward) filter

    Served its purpose! Puppy jumped off the kayak and it was a stress free experience because I looked back and saw him floating alongside me, head above water! Convenient handle on top is icing on the cake! Easy to scoop him up out of the water! The fin lays down at first, but it seems like it may just be from initial packaging as it is starting to stay up now, after a couple weeks.

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