Pool Automation System OmniLogic Swimming Hayward

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Any pool or pool &spa combination. Built-in touch display for easy configuration and programming. Controls up to 5 heaters. Ability to add a relay bank and 2 individual relays for a total of 6 additional relays for further Featurescontrol. Wired full-function touch screen wall-mount display.

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2 reviews for Pool Automation System OmniLogic Swimming Hayward

  1. Tyler

    Tyler Moore

    So much potential, just needs a bit more dedication to software development & customer service.

    If you’re a gadget geek or computer savy, you’ll love the level of automation this unit provides. I set everything up myself & basically redid all of the plumbing & devices on my pool pad. I’m happy with my purchase. I have a few issues that would bring this up to 4 or even five stars. Here are some overall observations: 1. Configuration needs to be done via the panel touchscreen. The app is great once everything is setup just the way you want it, but it would be great to do more configuration remotely after initiating the basic setup. 2. I had to call Hayward support a few times to ask some questions about the system. The 45 minute long wait each time is a big turnoff. I’m very tech-savy & sometimes needed to get a quick question answered. One time I was put on hold after an almost hour wait, then hung up on after again being told I’d be put on hold and it was then after 5PM, so I had to call back and wait all over again the next day. The support techs are typically very helpful & knowledgeable though, once you get them on the phone. 3. I put the valve automators on all 8 of my valves. When there’s any type of power outage or panel reboot, the valves default to closed and this causes no flow the next time the Echostar pump comes on as scheduled. I’ve called support & been told to “do this & try that” but never got a clear answer on how to remedy this or at least program something like “always turn on valves A, B, C when the pump starts”. 4. Since this is connected to the cloud, firmware updates not needing to be done via usb would be great. The firmware, android app, and web interface need dedication to more resources to fix bugs & add feature enhancements. It appears Hayward is not innovating at the appropriate pace on the software side, although the hardware has great potential. I’ll be looking for greater control (even if I can get a guide to writing my own scripts via shell), Alexa/Echo control (heard this was being tested in January, but still no news) & updates within a more reasonable timeframe before recommending this to everyone as a must have product.

  2. Andrew

    Andrew Jackson

    Don’t do it unless your a computer programer

    Today is the first year trying to use my complete pool. I purchased all brand new pool Hayward pool items in 2017, and tried to have the Hayward HLBase manage them. Its been a programing disaster- all items have been installed properly and this thing is so incredibly complicated that no one can figure it out. I have called no less than 4 different pool companies and none of them can program it as well as the installer. I have called Hayward customer service 4 xs and spoke to a tech and was promised that a service tech would come several times ( he never showed because he was so busy)… their customer support is lacking and I should have got a Pentair system. Now I am stuck with about 8k in Hayward items and I run my pool in “service” mode… ridiculous and I hope that others heed my warning.

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