Robotic Cleaner AquaVac 500 Hayward

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Combines the power of Hayward robotics you have come to expect, with the surprisingly powerful new artificial intelligence. Uses a bi-fold filtration system with optional “spring clean-up” filter element for heavy cleaning.

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2 reviews for Robotic Cleaner AquaVac 500 Hayward

  1. Ashley

    Ashley Brown

    My Best So Far

    Just finished cleaning the pool, changed the diatomaceous earth and cleaned the filter in the Aqua Vac 500. Every time I go out there and see it doing all the work I see the value. This is so much better than the other two cleaners that I had a Smartpool and Polaris 280. This has a better cord and never gets tangled. It takes about 3 minutes to hose the filter out, and when I put it back in the pool it goes right to the bottom. I love watching it when it turns on its back and then in about 5 seconds it rights itself. I like that I can program it for 7 days when I go on holiday and come home to a clean pool. A lot of entertainment for an old man.

  2. Samantha

    Samantha Thompson

    Replaced TigerShark for AV 500

    I was very happy with my TigerShark QC, but cord got chewed by dog and it was showing age. I just purchased the AquaVac 500 and surprised it doesn’t clean the pool as well. Large leaves and berries left on the floor. I’ve used it about 5 times so far, but hopefully for mid-summer cleaning, it does better. I may buy replacement cord and tracks for old unit for better cleaning. Actually pretty surprised by this.

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