Robotic Cleaner Mirra 530 iRobot

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Thoroughly clean the floor, walls & water of the pool (leaves, hair, dirt, grease, algae, pollen & bacteria) with iAdapt Nautiq technology, which measures the dimensions of the pool & chooses an optimal cleaning cycle. Also, the cable does not get tangled & is easy to clean.

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3 reviews for Robotic Cleaner Mirra 530 iRobot

  1. Olivia

    Olivia Anderson

    Great robot

    Mirra helps us keeping our pool crystal clear. We are very satisfied with it.

  2. Sarah

    Sarah Jones

    IRobot Pool Cleaner

    All five of the IRobot vacuums lasted less than one year. Of course, I had to buy batteries, etc (not cheap either) after spending over $500.00 for each unit. The last one I have that works only will run for 30 minutes at a time. Pool cleaner lasted 2-1/2 seasons – that was it. That cost over a thousand dollars. I do not recommend this product (unless you have money to burn; I don’t). I am beyond upset about this right now; I have a dirty pool and no pool cleaner. I called to ask how long the products were guaranteed for and was told “We don’t guarantee length of time for our products.” That says it all. Thanks for NOTHING, IRobot!

  3. Rachel

    Rachel Harris

    Not a must have

    I’ve had the unit for over a month now and use it about 3 times a week. In the past, I used the traditional hose vac connected to my filter. I would vacuum twice a week using the old method. How does it compare? I think the hose, manual vacuuming actually does a better job. It can get the corners and angels better where the Mirra has difficulty with. In addition, the traditional method does a better job at cleaning the small dirt on the floor. The Mirra doesn’t seem to get this stuff as evidence when I move a brush along the bottom of the pool, I’m moving dirt around. This is after the Mirra has done its thing. I adjusted the plastic pieces at the bottom of the Mirra to an all the way down position and that didn’t seem to make a difference. I also use my brush and move the dirt/bugs away from the corners and edges of the pool to help Mirra do its thing. The robot also spends more time in the deep end than the shallow. In fact, the shallow end of the pool doesn’t seem to get a thorough cleaning, at all. What I like about the unit: 1. I can toss it in and let it do its thing while I’m off doing other work; 2. It does a fine job getting the leaves and bugs; 3. It does filter the water through and probably is keeping the pool water cleaner I’m not sure if I would recommend the unit over the manual method as far as the quality of the cleaning; especially at this price point. However, I did decide to keep the unit because it does free up my time. I know it will help with pool opening/closing because I can run the unit with the water drained down below the sifters, so I won’t waste chemicals at closing.

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